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Right In The Workplace was built by top-rated employment law attorneys in the state of Washington. We help business owners, small and large, by providing videos, documents, and information needed to enforce rules and regulations and stay within compliance.

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RITW was built to provide employers in the state of Washington with an easy to use and affordable tool to help manage their business, employees, and most of all protect themselves. Try it for free.

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We’re so sure that you will love RITW for your business that we allow you to try it for FREE. Once you’re sure this is the tool for you and your biz, sign up. It’s affordable and we constantly provide new information.

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From our extensive video and document libraries to our pod casts and “lunch and learn” live sessions, RITW helps you learn about your rights as an employer. Protect yourself, your biz, and manage your employees. 

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According to SBD and Forbes Magazine, nearly 53% of all business will get sued at one point. In addition, it’s reported that up 88% of businesses will at one point face a compliance issue. Fines, penatlies, and the costs of defending a lawsuit can crush a business. Be proactive, not reactive. RITW helps business owners by providing an affordable tool and platform to protect your business. 


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