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Right In The Workplace is a one stop, easy to use “do it yourself” platform. Designed by top-rated employment law attorneys in the state of Washington, Right In The Workplace provides information, workplace forms, and videos all centered around the needs of employers. 

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Right In The Workplace provides Washington state employers an easy to use platform. From our extensive video tutorials to our document center, we provide employers and the HR teams with the tools and data needed to keep your businesses running smoothly. 

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In today’s ever changing political and business environment, you need an ally. But, with so many employees pushing to work from home, the rising cost of business expenses, the troubles with finding quality employees, and new rules and laws being pushed at business owners daily, who can you turn to? And, at what financial cost? Business owners are being attacked on all sides. How do you stay compliant and avoid lawsuits while still enforcing your company policies and most of all, turn a profit? 


Enter Right In The Workplace. The ally you and your business need. At RITW, we’ve built an easy to use “do it yourself” platform. We provide you video turtorials explaining the top concerns that employers face. Our document center is filled with forms and templates that you and your HR team can utilize for all of your employee and contract worker needs. Best of all, we link you to our weekly pod casts where real Washington state employment law attorneys discuss hot topics suchs as COVID rules in the office and how to enforce clocking in and out with “at home employees”. Oh yeah, all for a very low monthly fee. 


“Our mortgage company has offices in Washington, but corp is in AZ. We had no idea what rules needed to be followed in WA. This site is a GREAT tool for us to use. Saves money and time.”

Blake Anderson – Shout Mortgage 

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